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Wastewater Solutions

Commercial Wastewater

We design and implement reliable and cost-effective on-site wastewater treatment systems for commercial projects in areas where sewer connection is not available. We have a range of Fuji Clean wastewater treatment systems to suit the clients’ needs. Fuji Clean is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wastewater treatment systems. Site specific land capability assessment will be carried out for the treated effluent disposal facility in accordance with the relevant legislation...

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Low Cost Sewerage Schemes

There are many small coastal communities in Queensland which currently use individual septic systems and discharge primary treated effluent to the groundwater. In many cases the effects on the environment are measurable. The lack of adequate sewerage treatment is often a barrier to further development of the real estate in these communities. The cost of a standard sewer reticulation system and a standard centralised treatment system is often prohibitive. There are affordable options for both ret..

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